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  • Autumn Gardening Tips: Prepare Your Garden For The Winter Ahead

    Autumn is the time of year when the weather is turning colder and you probably are starting to spend less time in your garden, however an experienced gardener will know this is actually a very important time of year to give your garden attention. It is vital to carry out some great autumnal garden chores to prepare your garden for the winter ahead and make sure you hit the ground running in spring.

    Avid gardeners should take note of our autumn gardening essential tips:

    Leaves – This is an obvious task for autumn but do not underestimate its importance. You should be gathering fallen leaves before they turn to mush, as well as grass clippings and any prunings to make into a compost. Make sure your compost contains a good mix of materials for a high quality compost. Remember if you fail to remove fallen leaves regularly from your garden.

    Lawns – Now is when you will be getting in your last mows before winter. Keep an eye out for weeds that have not died following your last treatment and be sure to deal with them before the long winter ahead. A good way to rejuvenate your lawn and encourage health over winter is to aerate the lawn with a garden fork and scatter lime lightly over it.

    Hedge Trimming – If you have hedges in your garden then autumn is a great time of year to trim them before the cold of winter. This way they will stay compact over the winter months.

    Cuttings – To make sure your garden is full and vibrant in spring you can make new plants from cuttings of your existing plants and autumn is a great time of year to do this. It is particularly a good time of year to take cuttings from hardwood herbs, including your rosemary or bay. If you remove some of the lower leaves and dip your cuttings in hormone powder and pot in small containers of premium potting mix you are good to go. Just remember to keep the cuttings moist and shelter them from strong wind and sun. High quality potting benches in your greenhouse will make this autumnal chore much easier.

    Roses – If you are a fan of roses in your garden then autumn is a time many varieties can be blooming. Now is the time to order them from local nurseries.

    Good luck with your autumn gardening.

    Photo by lensonjapan / CC BY

  • Show Room Now Open At Great Garden Products

    Great Garden Products deliver our beautiful greenhouse staging and garden furniture all over the UK but if you happen to be local to our headquarters in North Wales you now have the added benefit of being able to pop into our brand new Showroom!

    Our Showroom recently opened this summer 2015 in our local town of Colwyn Bay in North Wales. It is easily accessible via the A55 for all those living in North Wales. If you live in Llandudno, Conwy, Abergele, Denbigh, Bangor, Anglesey or any towns in North East and West of Wales near the A55 you can pop over and check it out for yourself.

    This gives you a great opportunity to view our amazing products in person before you buy and you can meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff to ask them about any of our products or orders.

    Our Showroom is open Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm so it is convenient to visit us and browse our expansive collection on show. All our heavy duty and folding greenhouse staging, garden seating, garden furniture and decorative garden items are lovingly manufactured to a very high standard, making them durable and long lasting in all the elements.

    We are delighted to be able to meet our customers in our new Showroom and proudly display all our wonderful garden products.

    Remember if you are not local do not worry you can still order all our products online or over the phone on 01492 515318 and we offer free delivery to the UK mainland. View our deliveries page for more details.

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